Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"the time of my life"

Well, things end, they always do. For some reason or another...they die. But as I found out in my project Memento Mori (2008/09), we need death to live, to be able to move on.
I was looking through some old sektchbooks and found this:

"It was almost two o'clock in the morning when suddenly the heaviness of my own being crashed down on me. And yet, compared to the weight of things around me I'm just a tiny drop in a vast ocean.
Time moves - it moves fast. I waste time thinking about the past when I should stop crying for lives that don't belong with me anymore.
I'm farther away than before but I'm still circling around the same gravitational pole - no way of bringing me down, taking me away from here.
Now I've become almost static, like my path has frozen somewhere. Spiraling around the center, locked in only one mindset.
Somehow - and I don't really know how - I put myself here out of free will.
The only important thing to remember, is that I need to spiral from the inside out, away from the pole. This may mean that I lose track for some time, but sometimes going on a new path and losing your own trail can be the only way of breaking free."

© Mara Frischherz 2011 - All Rights Reserved